Yoga Classes

PLEASE NOTE, sadly, due to the pandemic Jiva Yoga is no longer located on the Long Beach Peninsula and has gone virtual.

I believe yoga is a work in, not just a workout, and since there are eight limbs of yoga, asanas (poses) are only a small part of your yogi journey. Most yoga is done off the mat. It’s how you live your life, treat others, and honor your mind, body, and spirit. Still, in the west, most people think of postures when they think of yoga, so we invite you to join us for virtual yoga classes or a private session. This is “Yoga for Every Body!”

Yoga Teachers

Beth Bauer

Beth has traveled the world, visited over 30 countries, and has brought her enthusiasm for diversity and cultural awareness to her yoga business. Trained in Rishikesh India, Beth combines the traditional styles of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin to deliver an unforgettable experience that connects the mind, body, and spirit. Aside from teaching yoga, she still enjoys traveling, is a freelance writer and author, and lives with her dog, Ozzie.

Contact Beth if you would like a private session or to know when remote classes are scheduled!

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