Currently, the only scheduled workshops are the 11 classes featured as part of Jiva Yoga Festival 2021! You don’t have to attend the entire weekend of the Yoga Festival to participate in these fun and informative workshops. Day passes start at only $99 and include meals. Check out the lineup:

  • The Mindfulness Happiness Connection by Beth Bauer
  • Virtues of the Heart by Dawn Sorenson
  • The Power of Pranayama by Dawn Sorenson
  • Intro to Qigong by Padme Grace
  • Numerology and Your Spiritual Journey by Peggy Raye
  • Helpful Sleep Hacks by Padme Grace
  • DNA of Healing by Peggy Raye
  • Chakra Alignment by Beth Bauer
  • The Spice of Life by Padme Grace
  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga by Karrie Hetherington
  • How to Meditate by Larkin Stentz
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