Private Sessions

Private yoga sessions are an excellent option for many reasons. If you would like to improve your alignment on poses, have mobility issues and need a customized yoga routine, or just don’t feel quite ready for a group class, a private session is ideal and affordable! Regular sessions start at only $25 an hour, and you can add another person for only $10! We can come to your home, or you can come to ours. We’re flexible and happy to help you on your journey to better health of the mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Therapy

During a one-hour Private Yoga Therapy Session, we access your mobility and design a custom yoga routine for you based on your abilities. You will take notes so that you can remember the poses. Ideally, We will get together again in a couple of weeks to see your progress and make appropriate adjustments, and adding new poses as you improve. The cost is only $30 an hour and you can pay via PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay, check, or credit and debit card. Are you ready to take the first step towards better health? If so, reach out to us! This is what one client says about her yoga therapy sessions with Jiva Yoga:

Client Testimonial

“Beth has been my yoga instructor for the past three years, helping me to develop flexibility and strength and encouraging me to take time to slow down during the day.  She inspired me in such a way that during this Covid time, I have been motivated to practice yoga at home.

Last October, I slipped on the metal steps to my travel trailer and fell hard on my back, hitting my spine on the steps.  The fall resulted in my having a “burst fracture” of my T7 vertebra.  Due to my osteoporosis, instead of surgery, the neurosurgeon put me in a vest brace that pulls tight in several directions and advised me to restrict my activities to keep this T7 vertebra stable so it can heal.  No twisting, turning, jarring, bumping.  

After a few weeks of this, I realized I was going to lose all flexibility and strength.  I consulted Beth, and she has adapted some of the yoga stretches and poses to my injury.  She listened carefully to my description of the crushed vertebra and the doctor’s cautions about the position of my spine.   She watched me, noting the important restrictions in my movements.  Then she had me assume several poses and try certain stretches.  We eliminated the ones that seemed like they would stress my T7 vertebra.  She understood my hesitancies and fear of further damaging my vertebra, respected my limitations, and did not push me.   Beth’s extensive repertoire of poses and stretches assisted in all this.  

One example of adaptation is she has me doing cat/cow, a stretch I love, on my back instead of on hands and knees. I have now done these for three weeks, and I feel not only a bit more supple but also feel new confidence that I am keeping my muscles from tightening and becoming more restricted.” … Judy Eron

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